It All Starts With the Right Talent

Part-Time Administrative Assistant

This position is a part-time position offering 16-20 hours per week. The role is critical as it supports: Executives and all other teams. There’s a 99% chance you’ll be the first touchpoint with our growing client base.

Let’s start with must haves:

  • Self-starter. If you get bored, you lack creativity
  • Drama-free. Conflicts arise and you should be able to solve them and move on.
  • We don’t expect mind-readers, but you should know when a client or manager might need a report.
  • You have enough structure to get lots of things done coupled with the flexibility to make it happen.
  • You learn everyone’s name because you WANT to know them.

Now let’s talk about what you do:

  • Admin tasks: phones, scheduling, setting up for client meetings
  • Preparing, proof-reading and auditing corporate documents for clarity and accuracy
  • Ability to book travel while ensuring best pricing
  • Ensure visiting guests are beyond welcomed and comfortable
  • Ensure office is kept client presentable
  • Working with vendors, building management, and shipping vendors
  • Helping the sales team with data tracking and correspondence

And skills are last but just as important:

  • Excellent written, phone, grammar, and verbal skills
  • Advanced knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint (sure, we can get you some training)
  • Ability to book travel for numerous staff, at multiple locations, while being accessible for last minute changes
  • Pleasant, warm and welcoming disposition
  • Type at least 40 wpm
  • Understanding of social media and the impact if you’re posting on behalf of the company
  • Ability to reconcile expense reports and prepare them for reimbursement
  • Ability to multi-task and determine priorities based on client needs
  • Ability to escalate as needed with issues that seem unresolvable
  • This is a unique role, in that it touches each person and client. We clearly need a rock star.
  • HS diploma required.


  • Generous salary/compensation and annual/quarterly bonus plan
  • Stock Options for all employees
  • Full Health/Medical coverage (100% paid by company)
  • Paid Holidays, Sick leave and self-managed Vacation policy (we don’t cap time off)
  • Remote Work/Life Balance (work from home, office, remote)
  • Dedicated “learning” budget for expanding skills/expertise – continual learning
  • Dental/Vision plans (reimbursement)
  • A cool place to work

While we are open to remote candidates, we are primarily searching for local San Diego hires or candidates willing to relocate.